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Don’t let your hearing loss limit your world!

Come in for a free comprehensive exam today!

Stop your hearing loss from affecting your life. Your free comprehensive hearing evaluation will include an expert consultation to discuss your results. We’ll talk about any degree of hearing loss that may exist and possible solutions to treat that loss. And of course, you’ll be treated with the patience and dignity you deserve every step of the way.

Hearing problems are serious, but we have the services and products that can help you step right back into life and hear everything you’ve been missing.

Your exam includes:

  • A free Otoscopic examination: To examine the condition of the ear canal and to look for wax or any obstructions to the ear drum.
  • A free Audiometric evaluation: To determine (if any) the type and severity of your hearing loss.
  • We will explain for your understanding all the results of the tests.

After receiving your hearing aids, we offer a variety of services:

  • A hearing aid fitting: Personalized according to your hearing loss.
  • Free cleanings & adjustments for the life of your hearing aids.
  • Complimentary office visits: We love seeing our patients and want them to come and see us!
Hopkinsville Hearing Center