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At Hopkinsville Hearing Center, we offer comprehensive hearing evaluations and advanced hearing aids to help you rediscover the joy of hearing.

  • A free Otoscopic examination: To examine the condition of the ear canal and to look for wax or any obstructions to the ear drum.
  • A free Audiometric evaluation: To determine (if any) the type and severity of your hearing loss.
  • We will explain for your understanding all the results of the tests.


We never give out information to third parties.

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Hearing loss can occur at any age and has many causes, but whenever or however it happens, it can have profound effects if left untreated. If you find yourself straining to understand conversation, asking people to repeat themselves, misunderstanding what’s said and having problems hearing over the telephone, it’s time for a comprehensive hearing exam. We will explain the results of all the tests for your understanding and help you compare different hearing aids and find the best one for your needs, lifestyle, and your budget. Hearing loss is usually a problem that gradually sneaks up on you until it begins to limit your life more than you realize. Once it’s treated, you’ll hear what you’ve been missing!

The service I received was very helpful and I did not have to pay for my hearing tests. The staff were very attentive and I will go back.


— Ellen B.

"Had some issues with a hearing aid and, as always, the service was fantastic."


— Samuel L.


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Hearing instruments have two purposes: They allow you to hear what you have been missing and retain your understanding.


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